Example of a 2nd ESO Biography

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We are going to learn how to write a biography!

El Fari - An example of a biography

El Fary.jpg

Introductory paragraph

Jose Luis Cantero Rada, best known as El Fary, was a popular Spanish singer and actor. He was born in Las Ventas (Madrid) in 1937. I admire him because he was a self-made man and the songwriter of lively songs.

Why is he famous?

He became famous when he was already 30 years old. He recorded many hits. His most famous songs are: "La Mandanga", "Torito Guapo" and "Carabirubi". He acted in TV series and also starred in Santiago Segura's film "Torrente: The Dumb Arm of the Law"

Final Paragraph

As a teenager, he was very short and a very bad student. He did not like school and did not learn to read and write until he started military service. Before he became famous he worked as a gardener and taxi driver and performed in local parties. When he achieved fame, it never blinded him. He died in 2007 because of a lung cancer when he was 69 years old.

Useful Vocabulary to write a Biography

Useful words and phrases for biographies

Frida Kahlo - A listening activity

Listen to a biography of Frida Kahlo and answer the questions

Nicolas Bourbaki - An optional activity for advanced students (10 extra gold stars)

Do you love mathematics? Do you want to know about the greatest mathematician, who never existed? Find out who he was in this video, write your answers on a piece of paper and hand them in to your teacher after Christmas.

  • Nicholas Bourbaki was a/an:
    • Areal mathematician
    • Impostor
    • Collective pseudonym
    • Physicist
  • Why was his application to the American Mathematical Society not accepted?
  • Why were Mathematics fragmented after World War I?
  • Which was his first book?
  • What did this book want to achieve?
  • Where was he from?
  • Did he have any children?
  • Who really was Nicholas Bourbaki?
  • How did these mathematicians end with their joke?