What is a Patty?

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Do you like Sponge Bob?

Aquí puedes saber lo que tendrás que hacer despúes (segunda parte de la actividad)

Watch this video and learn what a Patty is.

Part 1: Bob Sponge and his friends love patties (up to minute 5:38)

  • What is a patty?
  • What are the ingredients of Bob's favourite patty (min. 0:37)?
  • Will Squidward explode if he eats all these patties at one time?
  • What is the main ingredient of the tastiest sandwich according to this song (min. 1:53?
  • What does Mr Krab do before becoming a patty (min 2:15)?
  • What does King Neptune do to eat another patty (mi:2:44)?
  • Patrick Star thinks that the tabby advertising at the Krusty Krab is...
    • Giant alien
    • Bob Sponge
    • A waitress

What do these verbs mean?

  • Burp:
  • Spit:
  • Blow up:
  • Shake

Make a sentence of at least five words with each of them

Part 2: Making a patty in four steps (from minute 5:38 to minute 8:05)

What ingredients do you need? (write the names in Spanish and English)

Which steps do these actions correspond to?

  • Add condiments:
  • Add toppings:
  • Add secret special sauce:
  • cut:
  • Grill:
  • Melt:

Can you translate the steps into Spanish or Catalan?

Are you watching this carefully?

  • Does Alyssa make a sad face on her patty?
  • What is the best part of the patty, according to Xavier?

Part 3: The secret ingredient! (minute 8:05 to 9:59)

  • What are Alyss and Xavier's secret ingredients?
  • What is your secret ingredient?
  • Is there any ingredient you do not like?

Part 4: A Kelp Shake in four steps (minute 9:59 to 11:28)

What ingredients do you need to make a Kelp shake?

Which steps do these actions correspond to?

  • Add ingredients:
  • Blend all the ingredients together:
  • Make a Kelp Shake cup:
  • Pour the Kelp Shake into the cup:

Follow up project: Making your own Sandwich

¡Lo que ahora toca es hacer un sandwich vosotros mismos! Ir al enlace y aprender las normas de lo que tenéis que hacer.

Ves aquí para saber lo que tendrás que hacer despúes (segunda parte de la actividad)

Reviewing comparatives and superlatives

Fes aquesta fitxa sobre els personatges de Bob Esponja per repassar els comparatius i superlatius. Aquest és un exercici de gramàtica. No cal que coneguis el còmic. Aquest no és un argument. Tens un recordatori de com es fan aqui

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