The Long Tunnel

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The Long Tunnel

Chapter 1

  1. Where are Paul, Sheila and Charles the day when the story begins?
  2. How old is Sheila?
  3. Where is Paul going to spend the summer?
  4. What does the word "cottage" mean?
  5. How long is Paul staying in his uncle's house?
  6. Are these statements true or false?
    • The cottage is lonely
    • It has no electricity
    • Sheila and Charles arrived on Wednesday, the 5th of August

Chapter 2

  1. Where dis Sheila and Charles wait for Paul?
  2. What do the soldiers carry in their bags?
  3. Are the following statements true or false
    1. The waitress had not seen Paul
    2. It was a foggy day
    3. Sheila and Charles got lost because the map was not good
    4. An old man opened the door

Chapter 3

  1. How do we know that the man who opened the door did not act politely?
  2. What did Sheila see under a bush?
  3. How do they know something is wrong?
  4. Where do they wait?

Chapter 4

  1. Who's put sleeping pills in the guard's coffee?
  2. Where is Paul?
  3. How is Sheila going to get into the cottage?
  4. What does the word "gag" mean?
  5. Are these statements true or false

Chapter 5

  1. The robbers found a shaft that goes straight to the train station.
  2. The are going to stop the train by changing the sign into red.
  3. The robbers will escape up the shaft.
  4. The bags that the robbers have in the cottage are full of false money.
  5. Paul's idea is to telephone the Police.

Chapter 6

  1. Why were the train drivers not worried about the money?
  2. Why do the robbers have to move quickly?
  3. How do Sheila and Paul trap the robbers?

Chapter 7

  1. How many men were arrested at the top of the Shaft?
  2. How many robbers were arrested at Llanvoy Station?
  3. Who arrested Frank?

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