Kung Fu Panda Oral Post-Task

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Step 1: Prepare a PowerPoint

  • Work in pairs
  • Plan a dialogue between two characters in Kung Fu Panda 1
  • Prepare a PowerPoint introduction that has to set the conversation:
    • where (slide 1)
    • when (slide 2) and
    • why (slide 3) the conversation takes place (sucede).
  • The powerpoint needs to have at least 5 slides and a title. and no more than 20 words per slide
  • Yo have to add at least one picture per slide.

STEP 2: Perform your dialogue in front of the class

  • Make sure your teacher corrects your PowerPoint before you start this phase
  • Do not forget to check on pronunciation at [Tophonetics]
  • Minimum number of interventions per character: 7

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