Five False Facts About our Body

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Aquí tenéis que copiar la pregunta y la respuesta correcta y enviármelo.

  • How is the base element of gum described in the article?
    • Somewhat digestible
    • Somewhat indigestible
    • Pretty much indigestible
    • Completely digestible
  • Depending on how you define a sense, how many senses are there?
    • Between 5 and 10
    • Between 5 and 33
    • Between 3 and 5
    • Between 15 and 33
  •  You'll lose more heat through a bald head than a _______, but the opposite is just as true.
    • Head with hair
    • Gloved hand
    • Fur coat
    • Bare arm


Escuchad el video de nuevo. ¿Qué palabras faltan? Solo me tenéis que enviar las palabras, numeradas del 1 al 10. No hace falta que copíeis el texto entero

You asked us to debunk some "facts" about the human body. Let's science this!

So here are five popular myths that just are not true.

__________(1), we have five senses, right? Wrong. Depending on how you define a sense, we actually __________(2) between 5 and 33 of them.

Beyond the classics, we have a sense of balance and the ability to sense heat and time. That's along with all kinds of other __________(3) spidey senses.

Second, what about the __________(4) that giving kids sugar makes them bounce-off-the-walls hyperactive?

Nope -- the __________(5) for that cause-and-effect link is surprisingly slim. It's apparently more of a self-fulfilling prophecy than fact.

Myth number __________(6). We only use 10% of our brains. This one drives me insane -- it's totally bogus. We use virtually every part of our brain and most of it is __________(7) almost all of the time.

Myth number four. Despite all the heavy lifting going on up there, it's totally __________(8) that we lose most of our body heat through our heads.

The amount of heat we lose depends on how much skin surface area is exposed to the __________(9). So, yes, you'll lose more heat through a bald head than a gloved hand, but the opposite is just as true.

And finally, I know what your mom said. But trust me, I'm a __________(10). It doesn't take seven years to digest swallowed gum.

The base element of gum is pretty much indigestible, but it'll still pass through our system within a week if not faster.<be>

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