Asking for permission role play

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You will work In pairs. You are a father/mother (Student A) and a son/daughter (Student B)

Student B asks for permission to two requests providing Reason why you think you should have permission

Student A gives permission to ONE request and refuses permission to the other. You should Reason your decision

It is very important that you contextualise your dialogue

Suggested requests

  • To go to disco this afternoon
  • To not do your English homework tonight.
  • To invite a friend to stay with you for the weekend
  • To go to a school camp in Holand this summer.
  • To participate in a Fornite 24 hours competition next Tuesday.

Useful language

  • Can I...?
  • Is it all right if I...?
  • Is it OK... ?
  • Do you mind if....?
  • No, you can't
  • That's out of the question
  • Yes, OK
  • I suppose so
  • I'm sorry, but no


You have 20 minutes to prepare your dialogue. Your mark will be based on

  • Good vocabulary range (20%)
  • Good grammar range (20%)
  • Pronunciation (20%)
  • Fluency (20%)
  • Theatrical power (20%)

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