Arabian Nights

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Before Reading activities

  1. 1. Read the fourth paragraph on page 7. Find three adjectives to describe Sheherazade’s stories.
  2. 2. Read the third paragraph on page 10. Find a sentence that explains why the merchant decided to close his shop.
  3. 3. Look at the pictures of the merchant on pages 9 and 10 and read the thought bubble. Compare the


  1. 4. Find a picture in the book of
  • two men hiding behind some trees.
  • two policemen taking a man to prison.
  • a net filled with coloured fish.

In which page did you find them?

  1. 5. Read the first paragraph on page 28. What do we learn about Balthazar? List three things.
  2. 6. Look at the pictures on pages 28 and 29. What is in the fisherman’s net? What do you think he

did with it?


Aquí tenéis el cuestionario a contestar del prologue to Arabian Nights.

Tal y cómo indico al final, tenéis la opción de escuchar el texto, fijaros en la pronunciación y enviarme un archivo con vuestra lectura en voz alta.

Eso lo podéis hacer en todos los capítulos

The dream

Aquí tenéis el cuestionario de la primera historia Arabian Nights 2 - The Dream