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The Snowflakes Manifest

"We’re on strike! We’re tired of freezing all the time and always falling down. Every day we lie around with nothing to do. We’re fed up with no pay, cold, windy working conditions and getting stepped on or brushed aside. But most of all, we’re tired of being eaten! Therefore, we, the Union of Snowflakes, refuse to do any more falling until the following demands are met.

[Snowflakes on strike]

Phase 1: So, snowflakes went on strike...

But they were lucky and their demands were met! Brainstorm about possible snowflakes demands:

They were tired of.... So, they demanded...... (teacher suggestions in case you are short of ideas)
Freezing all the time blankets
Always falling down sledges
Doing nothing Paid holidays in the Caribbean
Cold, windy work conditions A shorter working day
Getting stepped and brushed aside Special lanes
Getting eaten A sour taste

Phase 2 - Write an informal email

You are a snowflake that is writing an EMAIL to a friend (another snowflake) that was at the hospital while the rest of you were fighting for your rights. Be the first to tell him/her about the good news. Give as much detail as possible.

Follow these steps:

  • Greet your friend
  • State the topic

When Where Who Future perspectives

  • Give more details about your new working conditions.
  • Wish him/he a fast recovery
  • Say goodbye

Here you have some tips to wish someone a fast recovery Here you have some useful tips on how to write an email

Write about between 70 and 140 words on this IN YOUR GROUP SPACES.

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