Am I a good student?

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Tips for effective learning

  • I draw pictures or diagrams to help me understand this subject.
  • I make up questions that I try to answer about this subject.
  • When I am learning something new in this subject, I think back to what I already know about it.
  • I discuss what I am doing in this subject with others.
  • I practice things over and over until I know them well in this subject.
  • I think about my thinking, to check if I understand the ideas in this subject.
  • When I don’t understand something in this subject I go back over it again.
    • That is why it makes sense to take notes and review the grammar summaries that textbooks provide.
  • I make a note of things that I don’t understand very well in this subject so that I can follow them up.
    • Students who ask sensible questions to teachers become better learners.
  • When I have finished an activity in this subject I look back to see how well I did.
  • I organize my time to manage my learning in this subject.
  • I make plans for how to do the activities in this subject.

Smart strategies that help students learn how to learn