A Little Seagull

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A Little Seagull - Learning the basic vocabulary

Brainstorming Vocabulary and phrases

There is/are

  • There is a seagull and a hermit having a conversation
  • There is a baby seagull scared of the sea
  • There are a lot of adult seagulls looking for food
  • There is a baby seagull that can´t fly
  • There are a lot of waves that scare the seagulls
  • There is a baby seagull that becomes unafraid of the sea
  • There are a lot of shells attached to the rocks
  • There is a beautiful sunset at the end of the day
  • There are two hermits and a baby seagull swimming
  • There are two seagulls and three hermits
  • There are many clams in the sea
  • There is a family of hermits
  • There are seagulls searching for shells
  • There is a beach
  • There is a very blue sky
  • There is seaweed
  • There are sand dunes

What do a baby seagull and a baby hermit say to each other?

  • What are you doing, why are you following me? (Hermit)
  • You can bury yourself in the sand to stay safe from the waves (hermit)
  • Why am I moving, what´s under me? (baby seagull)
  • Ahhhhh a wave is coming (all)
  • Why are you on me? Can you get off (hermit)
  • Why do you bury yourself? (baby seagull) --- because that way I can see the shells and I don´t get washed away by the sea (hermit)
  • Open your eyes (hermit)
  • Thanks to you I can stay under the water (baby seagull)
  • Try this! (hermit)
  • Don´t worry, you can do this (hermit)
  • Thank you for teaching me (baby seagull)
  • Does it scare you being under the water (hermit)
  • Why do you have a shell? (baby seagull)
  • Get under the water when the waves come (hermit)

  • Come here! Try this (mother)
  • You need to find your own food (mother)
  • I´m hungry (baby)
  • Don´t be scared (mother)
  • What happened to you? (mother)
  • You don´t look so good (mother)
  • You have to fly away when the waves come closer (mother)
  • Give me the food (baby)
  • You can do it! (mother)
  • I´m very happy for you son (mother)
  • Mum, please help me (baby)
  • Mum, I'm scared (baby)
  • I don´t want to (baby)
  • It´s too scary (baby)
  • Watch this! (baby)
  • Be careful! (mother)
  • I´m proud of you! (mother)
  • It doesn´t matter if you fail, just keep trying (mother)
  • Are you okay? (mother)
  • Do you like this? (mother)
  • This is so much fun! (baby)
  • I don´t want this day to end (baby)
  • I´m so cold (baby)
  • I don´t want to do it again (baby)
  • Let me show you one more time (baby)
  • I´ve brought you some food (baby)
  • Look at the size of this shell (baby)
  • That’s incredible (mother)

A Little Seagull - Planning the video script

The Final Product

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