Daily life in Paris in 1896

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Watching the film

You are going to watch a film about Paris in 1896. Do you think films were very common at that time?

First impressions

  • Do you think Paris was a rich or a poor city?
  • Do you think Paris's society was egalitarian?


  • Can you name some of the buildings that appear in this film?
  • Do they look new or old?
  • What were streets like?
  • What do you think is innovative in what you see?

Rich People

  • How were rich men dressed?
  • How were rich women dressed?
  • How were rich children dressed?

Poor People

  • How were poor men dressed?
  • How were poor women dressed?
  • How were poor children dressed?

Means of Transport

  • How did people move around?
  • How were goods transported?

New Inventions

  • Why do you think so many people stopped to look at the camera?
  • Do you know any other things that were invented at that time?

Describing the film

Useful grammar

  • There was
  • There were
  • Used to
  • Could